Son & Park Beauty Water Review

 Son & Park Beauty Water.

Son & Park Beauty Water.


Hiya! My name is Shaleen- i am a 22 year old from the bottom of the world with a skincare obsession. 

With many K-Beauty products that reach cult status, you get a lot of preconceived ideas about what it's going to do, and how great of a job it will do it. From my experience, this can often lead to feelings of disappointment. No skincare product is a miracle worker and I have to say that the Son & Park Beauty Water was almost hyped up to be. The reasons I enjoy using this water is for reasons that might differ from majority so let's get straight into it! 


  • A very refreshing scent.
  • Cleans and tones your skin.
  • Helps following products absorb well into your skin.
  • Is insanely gentle- probably couldn't hurt a fly. 
  • Available in a minature size or regular.  
  • Perfect for the gym or morning routine.


The Son & Park Beauty Water made waves in the K-Beauty world in the past year, noted for its all-around abilities as a skincare product. Part of its appeal (and pretty great marketing at that) is that the brand itself was created by two Korean makeup artists, Son Dad-Sik and Park Tae-Yun. However these two men are not just any old makeup artists, they are now regarded as the best makeup artists in Korea. If you are reading this post then I'm sure you are already well aware of the amazing makeup and skincare that is seen on Korean actors- enviable to say the least!

The bottle itself is beautiful, and probably the nicest packaging I've ever seen. The Beauty Water comes in a tall and slim, rectangular bottle and just screams elegance. It is in clear packaging and since the water itself is clear, the design is very minimalist. The only writing on the front of the bottle is BEAUTY WATER emblazoned on the front with the beautiful S&P logo at the bottom. If you're looking for a beautiful skincare bottle then you've found it. The original size is mammoth, coming in at 340ml and will last a pretty long time (so long as you're not doing the 7 Skin Method!) It also comes in a miniature size at 90ml, which I the one I purchased, making it super easy to throw in the gym bag with your Sum:37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick.

I would recommend this for anybody in search of a light and easy morning toner or something to use pre and post gym workout. I don't find that it is heavy or powerful enough to use as my nighttime toner and so would recommend against that. I love the Beauty Water primarily for its convenience, lightness, and freshness. It is a very gentle product, so it is perfect for those of you with sensitive skin!

 The bottle is so sleek, chic and beautiful.

The bottle is so sleek, chic and beautiful.


  • Use in place of your toner (3rd step after double cleanse).
  • Shake a dime sized amount of the liquid onto a cotton pad.
  • Swipe the cotton pad across your face in upwards motions.
  • Leave to dry before continuing the rest of your skincare.

Or, transfer into a spritz bottle and take with you on the go. 


The first morning I tried this I was a little disappointed and thankful I had only purchased the small 90ml version. I had heard such amazing things about this water- that it did everything you could possibly want in skincare. The claims were that you could use it as your cleanser, toner and even exfoliator. So naturally, I was pumped. These lazy girl dreams were soon dashed and I felt like it wasn't any better than slapping micellar water on my face (which I had left behind for the K-Beauty world). This opinion stayed with me for a few days until I started looking at it for what it was and not what I felt everyone had built it up to be. I now use the Beauty Water as my morning toner and pre/post gym workout!

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For me, this beauty water is a wonderful way to start my morning. The scent is fresh, and the liquid is soothing. I always find my skin hydrated after application. But it is not an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and so would not be helping with any breakouts. That is why it is reserved for my morning routine. I don't know about you, but for me, my morning needs to be as effortless as possible otherwise, I simply won't do it. After using my COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, I swipe the Beauty Water across my face and instantly feel ready for the day. It is light, uplifting and makes my skin very as fresh as newly cut flowers (a strange analogy but I'm sure you get me). It has a very watery consistency which makes it easy to apply and spread across your entire face. I love this product but for reasons entirely due to its freshness. It is also a wonderful addition to your pre or post gym workout routine! I'm constantly on the hunt for quick and easy skincare products that I can use at the gym and the Beauty Water definitely makes that list. I know many of us may not be incorporating a gym skincare routine (so I'll be writing a post on that soon) but the Beauty Water makes it super easy to clean and refresh your face on the go. Another way I use the Beauty Water is to put some in a spritzer bottle and use it half way through the day to my your skin (and wellbeing) an extra boost.

  • I am yet to decide whether I will be purchasing the full bottle as of right now because I have an unopened Klairs Supple Preparation Toner sitting under the bathroom sink waiting to be used. Later down the line, you can be sure that I'll be rebuying the Beauty Water!


 Photo courtesy of Nashi Lab.

Photo courtesy of Nashi Lab.

I consider this tall drink of water to be a little pricey. It costs around 40NZD, 30USD for the full 350ml version so I would recommend hunting down the miniature version to see if it does something for your skin. It is an enjoyable way to start the morning but I would not use this as a nighttime toner- I find my COSRX Pimple Pads (review) to be way more effective as a toner. The mini bottle costs 11NZD, 7USD and is a much better alternative. If you are looking for another toner to add to your arsenal then I would suggest this product but if you're looking for your holy grail evening toner, I don't think you'll find it with the Son & Park Beauty Water. 

ingredients: what they're for and what they do:

One of the best things about the Son & Park Beauty Water is the fact that the ingredients are all natural. This means that this toner is finally a product where you can understand everything on the ingredients list! It does, however, contain alcohol. If you know you have reactions with this then be sure to steer clear but otherwise, it is not as bad as you may think. Put it this way, this toner is so gentle and nothing like what you expect from the alcoholic toners of the Western world.

The top ingredient in this little baby, aside from plain water it seems, is Rose Water (and incase you didn't know I LOVE rose water). Not only does Rose Water smell divine and actually relax you, but it also provides intense hydration for your skin. It is a great anti-bacterial substance which can help keep your skin clean. As mentioned by SOKOGLAM, combined with lavender and orange fruit extracts, the Beauty Water is more than adept at keeping your skin hydrated.

As I mentioned earlier, the Beauty Water is a natural and gentle exfoliant. Whilst this doesn't mean that you can completely forsake your exfoliating masks and acids, it does add a little more oomph to your skin. The key exfoliating ingredients are Willow Bark and Papaya Extracts. Willow Bark (which is also found in the COSRX One Step Pads) is a natural exfoliator and a gentle form of BHA. Like most other plant extracts, it also contains flavonoids and tannins which are powerful antioxidants that help protect your skin from all the nasties in the air. It is also a fab anti-aging ingredient so you might as well start young! Papaya Extract is a similar sort of deal- as it works to exfoliate the skin. It gets rid of coarse or dry skin whilst thoroughly cleaning your pores and generally being a really fab ingredient.


New Zealand/Australia:



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1/5: Negative, nada, no.

2/5: Definitely not enough magic to consider re-purchasing.

3.75/5: It had its effects but there are other products out there that do more for the price. I will be repurchasing sometime in the future though!

4/5: Not quite holy grail status but I do really love using it.


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