SKINFOOD Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissue Review

 The SKINFOOD Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissue.

The SKINFOOD Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissue.


Hiya! My name is Shaleen- I am a 22 year old from the bottom of the world with a skincare obsession. 

Sometimes you get home from school/work/university and you want to get your makeup off ASAP but you're also not down to go through the ordeal of double cleansing yet. At these times, which is 90% of the time for me cleansing wipes are key. Obviously you're gonna go back double cleanse later in the evening but for now the cleansing wipes will rid the grime off your face and make you feel clean again. That's where the SKINFOOD Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissue (omg what a name) comes in.


  • Comes with 80 wipes.
  • Super convenient.
  • Cheap as chips.
  • Would not use this as your only makeup remover.
  • Ideal for when you have makeup/ SPF on but don't want to double cleanse just yet.
  • Takes makeup off adequately.
  • Might be a little stripping on dry skin.

The Product:

The SKINFOOD Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissue is basically a pack of 80 makeup wipes with an absurdly long name. They function pretty much exactly how you imagine them to- it takes off your makeup (not very well but we'll get to that in the review section). The wipes are fairly large and have no significant scent. Rice is the key ingredient here which is super useful in cleansing your skin and dates back centuries. They are uber convenient and their purpose mainly falls into that category. 

According to the SKINFOOD website, the product is "a cleansing tissue containing rice bran water that removes makeup while leaving skin bright and refreshed." They suggest that "you could wash your face with a homebrew of rice water, or save the time and effort with SKINFOOD’s Rice Brightening Cleansing Line." Clearly, convenience here is key.  "Perfect for people with normal to dry skin, or those looking to brighten dull, rough, lackluster skin." In other words, they're claiming that it will work well on all skin types. Hmm.

  • I would recommend this to anyone looking for a super easy and convenient way to take your makeup off when you get home or to refresh your skin after the gym. I wouldn't recommend using this as your only makeup remover because it won't fully remove your makeup or SPF. 
 SKINFOOD Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissue

SKINFOOD Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissue


  • Take one of the tissues out of the package.
  • Gently wipe across your face to remove your makeup/ freshen up.
  • Don't be too harsh otherwise it'll hurt. Probably.
  • MAKE SURE THE TOP IS CLOSED. Otherwise they will dry out.
  • The end.

Later in the evening make sure to go back in with a double cleanse if you were wearing makeup or SPF.

 SKINFOOD Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissue

SKINFOOD Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissue


This review is going to be on the shorter side because honestly there is not much to say. There is nothing magic about these cleansing wipes, and you've probably all experienced cleansing wipes before. As far as wipes go, these are on the more sensitive-friendly side. My old Nivea ones used to burn my face so badly but I have yet to experience a reaction from these. In particular, they do not burn your eyes. The sheets are pretty massive and well moistened. If you're like me and wear an average amount of makeup, one sheet will be good enough. HOWEVER like I said earlier, these makeup remover wipes are not good enough to completely take your makeup off. I realised that when I first used it, and didn't trust that it was completely removing my makeup. Having learnt this, I use these cleansing wipes when I can't be bothered showering and doing my full skin routine just yet. I mainly use these to take my makeup off immediately when I get home, use toner and then moisturise. Then later at night, I go back in with my oil cleanser and full routine. These wipes are effective and suit my purpose of a quick and basic removal of makeup so that I don't sit feeling gross and sticky in my sweat pants after university. It is also how I remove makeup before the gym. I also haven't experienced any brightening.

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I doubt I'll be repurchasing these once they have finished- I have my eyes locked on the Leaders Bamboo wipes.

  •  I am a big advocate of oil cleansing so if you're not onto that buzz then check out my post about why you should being doing it here :)


One of the perks to using these cleansing wipes is the price, given how many sheets there are (80). They retail for 12NZD, 12USD. Classic expensive New Zealand lol.



New Zealand:





1/5: Negative, nada, no.

2/5: Didn't do anything for me.

3/5: It had its effects but there are many more products out there that do better for my skin type.

4/5: Going great! Going to keep using until I find something more effective. 



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