Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Review

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask


Hiya! My name is Shaleen- I am a 22 year old from the bottom of the world with a skincare obsession. 

Firstly, if you have a lip balm addiction like I do then you have my utmost sympathies. It's a slow and difficult process but we will get through this together. I bought this Lip Sleeping Mask with the wild hopes that it would cure my constantly dehydrated lips. It's not miracle worker but it definitely works to an extent!


  • Quite expensive.
  • Lasts a very long time.
  • Uber nourishing.
  • Leaves your lips supple the following morning.
  • Really, really sticky. Like really sticky.


The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is an overnight mask pack for your lips. You've very likely heard about overnight mask packs for you face- this is exactly the same idea but works especially for your lips. It claims to use natural ingredients such as berry extracts hyaluronic acid to help exfoliate and hydrate your lips. Prior to this product, I had never used a lip skincare before but was intrigued by the idea so I forked out the cash.

According to the Laneige website, the Lip Sleeping Mask "is a new mask for the lips that removes the old skin from the lips, leaving them supple and smooth." They also aim the product at people with dry lips, those who wear lip products frequently, those too lazy to carry around lip balm and for people who struggle with peeling lips. So in other words, just about everyone. Smart move Laneige. 

The pottle it comes in is very small- it's only 20g. However, the substance has a sticky and slightly oily texture so a little goes a long way on your lips. Like with all overnight masks, you probably won't be using this every night either. The packaging is characteristically Laneige with the pretty frosted container and it makes for a very pretty pottle. The mask itself is a similar colour to the packaging and looks like a strawberry smoothie- yum!

  • I would recommend this lip mask to just about anybody if you have a spare 30NZD lying around. If you seriously struggle with chapped lips in winter then I would recommend this product wholeheartedly. However, if you don't wear lipstick every day and it's not a necessity then I would suggest spending your money elsewhere. 
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask


  • Use at the end of your skincare routine (preferably close to when you go to bed).
  • Use the spatula to scrape off a teeny tiny amount of the mask.
  • Apply directly to both upper and lower lips- making sure to spread evenly.
  • It is crazy sticky so try not to get it or your face or fingers.
  • Clean the spatula gently with warm water.
  • Leave on throughout the night, when you wake up it will have fully absorbed into your lips leaving them nice and supple!



When I first tried the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask I was very disappointed. I have a bit of a lip balm addiction and have had it for 5 or so years now. It's a lot better than it was but I still reapply lip balm several times a day and get stressed out if I don't have a tub on me. When I heard of this mask I naively hoped that it would do all the hard work for me and I would be cured. Obviously, this was not the case. (NB: if you're wondering, drinking water is the best way to try and stave off your lip balm addiction). In saying that, I have continued to use this mask once or twice a week and do really enjoy the results regardless.

The mask itself is wax like- it is quite solid. A good way to describe it is that it is basically just a much thicker and heavier solid lip balm. This makes it easy to use but as a result, I've found the mask to be sticky and a little bit of a hassle. It doesn't absorb into your lips for at the very minimum two hours so you sit around with a very thick layer of lip balm on. Because of this, I always apply this mask just before I go to bed so that I don't accidentally wipe or smudge it off. You do have to pay attention to how you sleep when you wear this mask so that you don't smear it all over your pillow and get a face full of product in the morning. If you sleep on your stomach this may be something of an issue for you! Minor complaints aside, after using this mask, my lips always feel super nourished and healthy in the morning. 

The application of mask is made much easier with the spatula but something to keep in mind is that the mask is quite sticky and does not come off the spatula with a tissue. Trust me, I know- I broke my spatula doing this. I'm a big fan of hygiene so I always vote for using a spatula but just make sure to rinse it under warm water to get the product off once you're finished.

Like I said, it was not enough to cure my addiction but it does do a really nice job of nourishing your lips which everybody needs once in a while. I don't wear lipstick but if you do this product is definitely one to put in your arsenal! It creates the perfect canvas for lip products because it leaves your lips feeling very supple, smooth and hydrated. Often times when we think about skincare we forget about our lips but it's nice to take care of them every once in a while! It also smells really nice- it's quite heavily fragranced with a generic berry sorta smell. This shouldn't be a problem for your lips though because most lip balms have some sort of scent anyway.


One of the things that does put me off of this lip mask is the price. It is by no means cheap which is why if you don't suffer with dry lips or wear lipstick daily I wouldn't suggest purchasing it unless you had a spare 30NZD/ 20USD lying around. Laneige isn't exactly known for being cheap but I would still consider this more of a luxury skincare product than a necessity.

 I tried to get a photo of this before I completely destroyed the smooth aesthetic.

I tried to get a photo of this before I completely destroyed the smooth aesthetic.


The focus ingredients for the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask are trademarked as the 'Berry Mix Complex' and the 'Moisture Wrap.' From what I can gather, the Berry Mix Complex is basically a mix of several different berry extracts that provide Vitamin C and antioxidants to your lips. These act like a sort of nourishing exfoliant which are the main players for why your lips feel so nourished in the morning. 

The Moisture Wrap is "hyaluronic mineral network" which sounds to me like a fancy term for plain old hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is always a great ingredient to have in your skincare because it delivers immense hydration with as little as possible. It's super lightweight so it's perfect for delivering hydration to oily skin as well as dry skin! 

Honestly, there are a lot of ingredients in this tiny pot. A lot of them seem to involve silicone and other polymers but I haven't heard of anyone having a reaction to these. I'm very much under the impression that your lips can deal with these ingredients much better than your skin because your lips don't really have pores that can be clogged. Other than the berries it definitely has some more natural ingredients such as shea butter, arabica coffee extract which will both help to nourish your lips.

As always, here is the COSDNA link if you are interested.

If you're interested in finding out more about lip balm and whats good for your lips then check out this study.


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1/5: Negative, nada, no.

2/5: Didn't do anything for me.

3/5: It had its effects but there are many more products out there that do better for my skin type.

4/5: Going great! Going to keep using until I find something more effective. Honestly the rating really depends from person to person- it is the kind of product that you may or may not need. It's not a stable in my routine and I probably won't be repurchasing.


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