Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion Review

Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion


Hiya! My name is Shaleen- I am a newly 22 year old from the bottom of the world with a skincare obsession. 

Before we begin with the review on a cushion I use every single day, I would just like to point out that I am much more versed in skincare than I am makeup. I don't know a heck of a lot about makeup (although this has begun to change since opening Farrellia), so I apologise in advance if this review misses out information you'd expect to see regarding makeup products. I'ma try by best but if I leave anything out that you want to know then please send me a message! You can flick me on on here or my instagram xx


  • Comes in two shades, N21 (light) and N23 (light but not as light lol). 
  • Often times it comes with a refill.
  • Semi- dewy finish. 
  • Has good coverage but is not full coverage.
  • If you have large pores, use the Artless Glow Base primer underneath. 
  • Includes sunscreen: SPF 50 PA+++.
  • Has a pink undertone.
  • Lasts about 6 hours before needing to reapplying.
  • Hydrating, doesn't dry out your skin.
  • Beautiful packaging!

The Product:

The Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion is a bb cushion compact perfect for everyday use, when you don't want to wear a full face of makeup everyday. Heimish is a brand that made its comeuppance in 2016, when its All Clean Balm (review coming soon) was introduced and quickly rivalled the cult fav Banila Co. Clean It Zero. Heimish made such headlines in the skincare world that when they began to release a cosmetic line, I was pretty excited to get my hands on them! So much so that I went through a long and round-about process of acquiring this cushion. 

The cushion comes in beautiful rose gold packaging- a feature of Heimish cosmetics. It is a 13g compact with a sunscreen factor of SPF 50+ PA+++. If you're unsure what these numbers mean, I have written a post with everything you need to know about SPF here! It is available in the classic Korean shades of N21 (the lighter shade) and N23 (the darker but still pretty light shade). It comes with a cushion, and often times a free refill pack also.

Heimish (헤이미쉬) is a brand that revolving around the idea of 'normal- style makeup.' According to the website:

"Heimish focuses on the special charm that comes out of the ordinary. A friendly makeup that anyone can relate to and that is a powerful force that attracts attention but it captivates the mind without exaggerating. Heimish starts reality-like makeup with a modern and sophisticated sensibility."
  • I would recommend this cushion to readers with a lighter skin tone (not progressive enough to give more than 2 shades unfortunately). It works well for my normal-oily skin and therefore I would recommend it to that skin type. It is hydrating but can stick to some dry spots, which is why I wouldn't suggest this for dry skin. It is not high coverage, so someone who is looking for an everyday, natural coverage. 
Hemish Artless Perfect Cushion


  • Pop open to compact and pull the lid out towards you- there will be a place for you to lift it up.
  • Press the puff into the cushion until the cream has been absorbed. This happens very quickly with this cushion so be careful not to get too much product!
  • Pat onto face- do not drag or rub!
  • Pat from the inside of your face towards the outside for a more natural finish.
  • Repeat.
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THE Review:

Ever since buying the Klairs Mochi BB Cushion your girl has been obsessed with bb cushion compacts, so much so that they are now all I use. I've never been a big fan of full coverage, so I've always hated the feeling of foundation on my face. The bb cushion culture of Korean cosmetics has completely solved all my problems and now I have found a comfortable way of perfecting my skin on an easy day to day basis. Now I said that I loved the Klairs cushion but I love the Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion EVEN more.

SKIN TONE: What really surprised me about this Heimish cushion was the fact that the colour matched by skin tone perfectly. I have got pretty fair skin (Scottish and English South African heritage lol) but I've always found western foundations to be the strangest shades. The lightest shades would theoretically be a match but they would leave me looking so orange no matter how light they were. The Heimish cushion was a perfect match and appears to have a slightly pink glow added to it to help brighten up your skin tone.

Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion

TEXTURE: Surprisingly creamy. The consistency of the product is slightly creamier and thicker than the Klairs Mochi Cushion. I've found that this thickness allows for quite a lot of product to be absorbed into your puff with only a small tap on the cushion. However it is not a sludgy sort of creamy, but more of a light moisturiser creamy.

APPLICATION: The creaminess of the product means that it is very easily applied onto your skin. With a bb cushion, you want to dab the puff onto your face rather than rubbing or dragging. By only real problem with the application of this bb cream is that if I'm not careful I end up with way more cream on my face than I wanted. I like to have light-medium coverage but this mochi cushion works so well that you often get a lot of product (particularly when it's new). However I understand that most people are after medium-full coverage so this wouldn't be an issue for most. 

COVERAGE: sits at a medium coverage. It is definitely buildable but I wouldn't want to waste the product by having to build it up all the time. If you are looking for full coverage then this fella isn't for you. I think it is the perfect amount of coverage for a natural everyday look.


FINISH: like a lot of Korean bb creams, this cushion has a slight dewy finish. It is not the kind of dewy that is super noticeable, but is rather geared towards the hydration dewy look. AKA don't worry about having oily skin and using this cushion- it won't make your skin look more oily! If you do happen to have particularly oily skin then I would suggest a setting powder, but you probably already use that. As someone who doesn't suffer with a lot of dry patches, I can't really speak for what this finish would be like on someone with dry skin. From my experience, I have found that it does not stick to my occasional dry patches too noticeably.  

LASTING POWER: the lasting power of this cushion is pretty darn good. One of the first times I wore this cushion compact was to an Adele concert earlier this year which was at an outdoor venue at the beginning of Autumn. By the time I got home, it was very late and I had an early start at university the next morning so I didn't analyse the longevity of the cushion effectively. However, I do remember not being grossed out by my face so that's positive. In terms of everyday wear, I find that the cushion lasts for around 6 hours before you would definitely need a touch up. Given my uni schedule, I wear mine for pretty long hours at a time (often 12 hours) and notice that some of my redness begins to return at the 5-6 mark. However it does not get patchy. The main result at the 6 hour mark is that the redness of my scarring starts to pop back up again. 


The pricing of this cushion is a seriously good bargain, especially considering the fact it most of the time you get a free refill included with your purchase! It costs around 40NZD, USD.



Lilac & Berries (NZ & Australia)- goo.gl/dSCmgR (link for both shades)
Amazon- goo.gl/6te196 (N21) / goo.gl/8ZzzQe (N23)
Style Korean- http://bit.ly/2E4Ltgi 


1/5: Negative, nada, no.

2/5: Definitely not enough magic to consider re-purchasing.

3/5: It had its effects but there are many more products out there that do better.

4/5: Going great! Going to keep using until I find something more effective. 

5/5: HOLY GRAIL. I swear by this product and love it with all my heart. I will be trying other cushions but will make sure to have this one close at hand.

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