Eleven Huesday Amaranth Hydra Seal Review

 Eleven Huesday Amaranth Hydra Seal.

Eleven Huesday Amaranth Hydra Seal.

I think that when you have oily skin you focus on removing excessive sebum and targeting your pores and often neglect to hydrate your skin. I am super guilty of this so the Eleven Huesday Amaranth Hydra Seal came as a very welcome wake up call. 


  • A teeny tiny expensive.
  • A slightly sticky texture that goes away fast.
  • Fluid and easy to apply.
  • Absorbs into your skin quickly.
  • Really hydrating!!


The Eleven Huesday Amaranth Hydra Seal is an intensive serum designed to deeply nourish and hydrate your skin without the the gross and the sticky. I've never really used a skincare product (other than this one) that is aimed towards hydration because I've always thought that more moisture would lead to breakouts due to my oily. However this is not the case! It's important to constantly hydrate and nourish your skin regardless of your skin type in order to keep it healthy and supple. The Amaranth Hydra Seal showed me the light. 

Eleven Huesday is a relatively new brand that you might not have heard of. According to the website, it is "constantly searching the qualified ingredients and best formula fitted on skin condition. We provide the special recipes to recover skin healthy itself by studying from oriental medicine patented ingredients to proven newest." Mmm. Google translate perhaps?

The Amaranth Hydra Seal is an intensive moisturising serum that contains Hydrolized milt extract and Amaranth seed oil well-known as a treasure of Inca to hydrate deeply into dried skin and leave glossy complexion.

The serum comes in a 30ml bottle, reminiscent of Khiel's packaging.  It uses an eye dropper which is super easy to handle and means you can always get the right amount. The container is frosty, with a white and blue label that briefly explains the product. The liquid is clear and has a slightly sticky consistency. It is sticky but very fluid and easy to apply.  It doesn't have any noticeable fragrance to it. 

  • I would recommend this serum to every skin type. It works wonders on my oily skin and would be a really nice addition to your routine for dry skin also. My skin has not reacted to it at all, and so I would even suggest this for sensitive skin types.
 Eleven Huesday Amaranth Hydra Seal.

Eleven Huesday Amaranth Hydra Seal.


  • To be applied after your toner or essence. 
  • Use between half a dropper to a full dropper depending on how much moisture you need. I use half a dropper.
  • Pat evenly all over your face.
  • Continue with your routine.

The Review:

As I mentioned earlier, I've always been one to choose a sebum controlling essence over anything with the word hydration in it. The thought of adding moisture onto my already oily skin sounded like the worst idea and possible and I was bound to break out if I did. And I'll be honest, if Korean Kiwi Beauty hadn't offered to send me some of their new EH collection then I would have happily but ignorantly continued on with my self-imposed hydration ban. 

The consistency of the serum is liquidy and very fluid making it easy to apply. The texture on the other hand is slightly sticky which I was originally a bit iffy about. However the serum absorbs really quickly into your skin (about a two minutes), doesn't leave residue and doesn't feel heavy at all. It feels a bit silcone-y at the start but this fades when you pat it into your skin. It's surprisingly light actually (my old prejudice against hydrating products is showing lol) and is an immediate moisture boost. 

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 Eleven Huesday Amaranth Hydra Seal.

Eleven Huesday Amaranth Hydra Seal.

It's the early days of spring now in New Zealand and for some reason I had a lot more dry patches than usual this winter. This hydra seal came at the perfect time and really helped to deliver moisture back into my skin- the dry patches stood no chance. I noticed that it was the perfect balancing serum for when I was using spot treatments. I prefer to use this serum at night time, because I do tend to lean towards sebum controlling skincare during the daytime so that my makeup doesn't run. At the moment I'm using it 4-5 days a week. I'm unsure if I am going to keep using this throughout the upcoming summer, I will likely reduce it to 2 or 3 times a week.

The Price:

The Hydra Seal retails for 55NZD and about 30USD. This is only the slightly more expensive side, but I have noticed recently that serums tend to be a lot more expensive than essences. If you are looking for a light serum that will help to retain moisture without feeling tacky and over-moisturised then I would suggest saving for this one!

 Eleven Huesday Amaranth Hydra Seal

Eleven Huesday Amaranth Hydra Seal


Unsurprisingly, all of the ingredients in this serum are aimed at hydration. 

Amaranth is used as one of the premiere hydrating and moisturising organic skincare ingredients. According to The Best Organic Skincare, it contains the highest concentration of squalene which one of the most common lipids produced by our own skin making it a powerful natural moisturiser. It also has anti-aging properties because you gotta start young pals.

I couldn't really find much information on the "hydrolyzed milt extract" they refer to. It supposedly activates skin regeneration, supplies moisture and nutrition. It doesn't seem to be a common ingredient in skincare- innovative?

And of course there is Hyaluronic Acid which we all know and love. Hyaluronic Acid is an incredibly light substance that has the ability to contain an insane amount of moisture and water. It's super ideal for both oily and dry skin types because its super hydrating (dry skin), isn't heavy (oily skin) and is just an around around great ingredient. 


New Zealand:

Korean Kiwi Beauty- goo.gl/Vu6gDF
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Amazon- goo.gl/EYi3Zv (doesn't ship to NZ)

Ebay- goo.gl/9s9Qpo



1/5: Negative, nada, no.

2/5: Didn't do anything for me.

3/5: It had its effects but there are many more products out there that do better for my skin type.

4/5: Going great! Going to keep using until I find something more effective. 



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