About farrellia

Skincare is so much more than just washing your face every night. It should make you feel amazing! You skin is your body's largest organ and should be treated like so i.e. pampered. I've always been obsessed with skincare (probably due to the problems I had with it as a preteen) and have always tried to find new ways to clear up spots and reduce redness. So it was pretty inevitable that once I found Korean skincare I would be hooked. After all it is the leading country in beauty developments in the world. In saying that, I won't restrict this blog to solely Korean beauty but at the moment it is mainly what I am buying! After buying heaps of products I finally decided to share my personal experiences with products and beauty with the world in the hopes that it might help you out with your own skin story. (And let's face it, it's a great excuse to keep spending money).


My name is Shaleen and I am 21, living in a small country at the bottom of the world. I run this website by myself but I have enlisted the help of my beautiful and talented best friend, Maya, who captures all of the pretty photos you see on this blog. My skin concerns are primarily combination and pigmentation but we both have different skin concerns so I will often include her experience when I can to make it a more balanced review! I aim to test products for at least a month before writing a review, unless stated otherwise- I might fall in love so fast that I have to announce it asap. Just to clarify I am not a licensed skin specialist or aesthetician (although I am starting to seriously consider it) and so everything on this website comes from my or my friend personal experience.

It has only been very recently that Korean skincare has found its way into the New Zealand Kbeauty market with domestic online stores such as Hikoco, Koreankiwibeauty and Nashilab opening in the last year. And yet Korean beauty is still a pretty hard find over here! The main reason for this blog at the moment is to deliver product information to a New Zealand audience in order to help grow the Kbeauty industry and *hopefully* make it more accessible. For that reason, I will include (where possible) New Zealand/Australian product links so that the shipping price doesn't scare you out of buying!


I'm always keen to have a chat so don't be shy and flick me a message :)